Forget that deep dish pizza that has a disproportionate bread to everything else ratio, a true “deep-dish” pizza is the Sicilian. At Stromboli’s New York Pizzeria, our Thick Silician is thick and very light. Our Thick Silician is roughly an inch thick, covered with our fresh tomato sauce prepared fresh daily and smothered with our fine mozzarella cheese.

According to research:

It is believed Sicilian pizza, Sfincione, or focaccia with toppings, was popular on the western portion of the island as far back as the 1860s. Pizza was a popular dish in western Sicily by the mid-19th century.[1] The version with tomatoes was not available prior to the 17th century. It eventually reached America in a slightly altered form, with thicker crust and a rectangular shape.

The Sicilian pizza is one of our premiere pizzas. You can enjoy them by the slice or order a thick square, 14-inch squared shaped pie (serves four) for the entire family. Load it up with some of your favorite toppings and you are in for an amazing night!

Head on into Stromboli’s New York Pizzeria today and order a slice of our Thick Sicilican today. Once you’ve experienced the wonders of this perfectly perpared pizza, you’ll want to order more!