A top priority for the staff at Stromboli’s New York Pizzera — in addition to serving incredible Italian cuisine — is to continue and grown our relationship with nearby schools and local businesses. We enjoyed working with all of our vendors in 2013 and are excited to take those relationships to the next level in 2014!

One way to stay connected with our vendors is to help the community as a whole identify upcoming events in the neighborhood. We have some plans on how we’d like to make that happen, but we first wanted to reach out to the community itself. We’d love to learn more about upcoming business events or school related functions so that we can not only get involved and prepare our amazing food to help cater these events, but also to let the rest of the community know that these events are going on.

We’d like to help get the word out. Whether it’s through our social media sites, website, or even the television screens in our shop, we would love to create a calendar of events for activities going on around the community.

In order for us to do that, we need your help. We are reaching out to local businesses and are in constant communication with the neighborhood schools on upcoming events and activities; but if you live in the community and know about upcoming functions, let our Marketing team know about it. Simply leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ page and someone from our Marketing team will get back in touch with you.

Stromboli’s New York Pizzeria loves serving and working with the members of this great community. This is just another way that we think can help foster and grow that relationship. So if you have any leads on new events or functions going on in our community, let us know about. We’d love to help out and create a lasting relationshp!